Monday, July 11, 2011

So... what project should be next?


Finished up The Gem (except the plaque... still not sure what it should say) and now I face a problem; what do I tackle next?

I have a few possibilities... I've got a unit of 25mm Russian Nappy infantry who are sort of 1/3 finished.  They've been sitting for a LONG time, and honestly the idea of tackling such a huge unit puts me off.

I could also finish up this unit of 25mm Vikings... these guys seem most likely, since there are fewer of them and they are half finished... one more group of these guys after this to go, and my Viking collection is done.

Or should I do something else?  I have really been interested in making some islands for the Pirates of the Spanish Main game (I have a bunch of ships for it) and doing something with that... or I could do a few 10mm Napoleonic "objective" markers for my 10mm Napoleonic collection (that sounds like fun!)  I have no idea!

One thing I DID do; we are cleaning the house in preparation for the baby that is coming (fingers crossed!) and I threw one of these Napoleonic prints into an unused frame.  Wish I could get them ALL framed!

Anyway... suggestions?


Josiah M said...

I like to let the dice decide!

Gunfreak said...

Russians, if you don't have enough of them, the french will take mother russia, and you can't have that.