Sunday, December 27, 2009

Photos with the new camera

Hey all!

Well, one of the Christmas gifts was the camera that I took those high res Napoleonic shots with earlier in the year! I've started playing with it, and took a few shots this morning... I don't have a lot on the table at the moment, but there will be more coming soon!


MiniWargamer said...

Good photos, nice setups. If I might make a suggestion? Back up from the subject a foot or more than you are so you can increase the depth of field. This will put more of the area in focus. You can then crop the photo with image editing tools (such as GIMP) and if you use the best quality setting on the camera you will not lose anything from the photo as you will cover the same amount of area.

Author said...

Hey man!

Thanks for the advice... I'll try a few further back to increase the depth of field... also, I might make the pictures smaller... would that mean that the quality might be better, because there is less space for the same number of pixels, or am I an idiot?:)

MiniWargamer said...

My experience has been that the higher the resolution, the better the results (because you can sharpen, adjust contrast, etc.) By pulling back and using a higher resolution, you end up with the picture essentially on the same number of pixels, but the depth of field is increased and so more of the scene is in focus. You can then crop the photo to get the part you want.