Saturday, December 5, 2009

The 15mm ACW table is done!

Howdy all!

Well, the 15mm ACW table is, basically done.

The table features a river that runs down the center of it, the outskirts of a small town in one corner, and most importantly a large set of Confederate entrenchments overlooking the town.

There is a road leading across the board to the town. This is actually the first time I've attempted to do a road using flock rather than the cork roads, but I think that they look okay. I might like to sprinkle a few other colors in with the road flock to shade it, but overall I think it looks good, and allows me to have as much road as I want.

On an aside... I did not clip the photos this time so the background is visible... hope it is not a distraction?
Any comments or suggestions MORE than welcome! If you see something that could use moving or changing, or heck, if you even want to suggest where the soldiers should go, please do!


Coyote said...

When you vacuum up the flock, how do you later separate the colours?

Author said...

Honestly, I don't! They all just mix together, and it actually makes a nice mix. I might actually do a little vacuum down the center of the lighter colors, which should be easy enough, but honestly it all mixes well. Dave Bonk of terrain fame actually has SNOW mixed in with his, and I'll tell you, it looks excellent!

Gunfreak said...

Very sexy, to bad it's iligal to have marital relations with a gaming table in 47 out of 50 states

Only the realy libiral states allow it

As I said your table and and the one at Fall in inspired me to make my own flocked table