Sunday, February 1, 2009

Some random photos

Howdy all!

I was going through some old photos and I came across a few I could share!

First up... way back when I had a pretty good sized collection of super hero figures and had created a super hero game; you made up a super group and battled it out! I even ran it at a small convention. Anyway, I of course had to make myself a group of X-Men, and while I could find a few from the Marvel pack, I had to make up a few more like Gambit and all. So here they are! I also have another 40 or 50 heroes, including a lot of Marvel villains and Champions figures, but I don't have photos.

Next up is the command team from my Space Hulk days! I used to play a lot of Space Hulk, and I kept careful records of each game. When a figure did something good, they got a medal on their stand for it! Yellow arrows were for "Support" (holding off the enemy while a mission is conducted... this was often given to heavy weapons guys), crosses for kills (yellow crosses for 12-24 kills, blue for 24-36, red for 37+) and yellow skulls for "Valiant Actions" and blue skulls for "Heroic Actions" (any big, usually game winning action... only one Heroic Action medal has ever been given, and that was to the captain who scored 22 kills and singlehandedly won a game after his whole squad was wiped out right at the beginning of a mission!) The command team was pretty decorated, obviously, but didn't always play as a team... since it was Space Hulk, it didn't go that way. I may actually play a bit more soon and so bring the rest of the guys over (I have another 15 marines) so I'll get some photos.

I also found a shot of my 15mm WWII German 88s deeply entrenched in a game a buddy of mine had played... he built the trench system to hold troops or, ideally, 88s, and it turned out SHARP.

Finally, a very old, early shot of my 15mm WWII Germans before they got any paint; I figured this would be a good shot to see some of the green stuff work and all that went into them.

Anyway... an eclectic mix that I hope was fun to look at!

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