Thursday, February 19, 2009

10mm Nap. French - Cuirassiers 1

Time for some more 10mm Napoleonics!

And back to the French we go for the next installment; namely, to the French cavalry. The heaviest of the French cavalrymen during the Napoleonic age were the Cuirassiers. Mounted on the largest horses, these elite soldiers got
their name from the heavy steel cuirass they wore to protect themselves. This left-over from the age of warfare past didn't necessarily help much against volleys of musketfire, but they did protect the cavalryman from swords and sabres, and also made a great pot for cooking!


jmezz382 said...

Heavy armor good for cooking ? Leave it to the soldiers to find a use for everything on their back !

Awesome painting for 10mm ... I am just starting 15mm WWII and find it a challenge to say the least.

Author said...

Hey man!

Thanks for coming by... I stole the cooking idea from a book, where a fellow cooked using a dead cuirassiers breastplate as his pan... hopefully that was historical!:)

I cannot take credit for the painting of the 10mm Napoleonics, as I bought this collection relatively complete... but the fellow who painted them might read this, so I am sure he will appreciate the compliment! When you get a second check out... well, any other collection on this blog, I painted all of THOSE at least!:D

Thanks for coming by!