Monday, December 25, 2017

A great new Holiday addition to the House of War!

Well, courtesy of St. Nick (or, more accurately, a whole host of family members!) I found this under the Christmas tree this AM!

So... I've been a fan of samurai for nearly as long as I can remember.  When I was maybe seven or eight I saw "The Seven Samurai" and it completely changed my life.  Since then the samurai have always held a place in my heart... through the board game "Shogun" and the online game "Shogun Total War" and everything else.

This Christmas I was able to add a little something from that era to my war-games room... namely, this great Takeda helmet!

While is tough to paint, there is nothing quiet as beautiful as samurai armor.  The lace, the lacquer, the mustaches... it is so bad ass that they based Darth Vader's armor off it.  I thought a helmet is the perfect piece of samurai kit; instantly recognizable, and with the full personality that Japanese armor can have.  Mine was courtesy of Iron Mountain Armory, and I am chuffed with it:)

So... it was great, and long, Christmas day, and now I retire to the couch for some snacks, some X-Box, some reading... and this cool helmet!:)


Roly (Arteis) said...

Jealous am I! ;-)

Scott MacPhee said...


Der Alte Fritz said...

A great looking game room now looks even better. Congratulations.


Author said...

Huh, three of my absolute favorite bloggers, all in one place? How cool!:). Glad you guys enjoyed... im rather thrilled with it!:)