Monday, August 24, 2015

Getting ready for some Space Rocks debris...

Hi all!

Well, I finally caved and ordered the base Armada set from Space Rocks!

For those who haven't seen this product, it is a set of resin pieces and clear bases that overlay your official templates.  They come pre-painted (simply, of course) and look super nice.  Here is a shot of a piece of theirs, from WWPD, who DID do a bit of extra paint work... those smoldering edges are f'ing EXCELLENT.

So anyway, four squadron expansions later, and I can't help but notice I have a few extra X-Wings and TIE Fighters around.  So I am using a bunch to add a bit more carnage to my asteroids and my debris fields... I did the ones above to mount on the actual pieces, sticking out... I think they will look pretty fantastic:)  I will do another TIE Fighter or two, an advance, and who knows, maybe one more X-Wing, if it needs it.

Excited for them to get here already... dumb ordering-from-overseas-slowness!:)

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