Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A wooden Thomas the Train table!

Hi all!

Well, as I mentioned... I've been working on a new project; a new wargames table!

Well, okay, not wargames... but a train table:)

So, as everyone knows, my war-games room was given the boot in order to become my son's room.  Turns out he loves Thomas the Train, and the wooden train sets.  So I thought I would use my war-game table building knowledge and build him a train table.

Here is the mountain and the bridge, made by a buddy of mine.  The bridge comes out, so you can play "The bridge is out!" scenarios, which seem popular on Thomas.

The ferry... there are two docks, and the ferry can go between them, shuttling trains as it goes.  It fits neatly between the piles so that the rail lines up.  I MAY end up remaking the ferry, though, as right now the trains have a habit of falling off the end of it.  I might need to build a slightly longer one with a rail system to hold the cargo in place.

The draw bridge.

I made five little houses and based up some trees for the table too.

The table is built on some storage shelves.  This side has three deep toy buckets; the other side has six shallow ones.  The entire thing is on wheels... in fact, the same wheels as my old war-games table:)

Finally, here is the train yard, where all the trains can be stored.

Overall it was an exhausting project, but a fun one, and he ADORES his train table:)


Lasgunpacker said...

Excellent work! I particularly like the houses and the ferry.

And oh! the anoyance of BRIO/Thomas "scale" issues, where everything is just whatever they felt like making that day... I secretly hope that my own son will get in to N-scale or something later just to avoid that.

Barks said...


jmilesr said...

Nicely done. A table for Thomas the Tank Engine was the first thing I built for my son (he's in college now) and we have many treasured memories.

It's not that far a jump for a Thomas Table to a Wargaming one - so have hope!

Cincinnatus said...

Nice work-Let not your heart be troubled! At six my oldest son was playing Axis and Allies with me (my simplified quick-play rules) and by five my middle son was playing table-top WGs with me using six sided dice and red/black suit cards as kill/wound for damage. At 12 and 8 they're now playing (and winning) at more complicated rules! Thomas has been relegated to the attic.

Greyson De Saye said...

Hi That was a great thing you did for your Boy! And you can play aswell;-) Help your Son save the day for Thomas! Your a good Dad sir! As are the other gent Dads on here that helped give their boys a Great fun place to play and dream! Need more Dads like you all for sure! God Bless Grey in Va.