Monday, July 14, 2014

Some beautiful 40mm AWI eye candy...

Hi all!

Okay, I know the House of War has been quiet, but I stopped by a buddy's place for a bit and, of course, brought the camera to snap a few shots of his growing 40mm AWI collection!

Up top is some Hessian jaegers he painted up.

Some light infantry, waiting to be flocked.


Light infantry command stands.

The British have an indian scout...

And so do the Americans!

Some cavalry from both sides, again waiting to be flocked.

A bunch of finished 40mm AWI American regiments.

An American commander.

American artillery.

British artillery, and a few assorted foot commanders.

Those jaegers again.

Just to give you a sense of how huge a 40mm artillery piece is... my buddy is a good sized dude, and the single gun and crew just COVERS his flat hand.


Phil said...

Beautiful minis, love the artillery vignette!

Cincinnatus said...

These are some great figures. Can't wait to see them on completed bases. How do you have room to run a 40mm game?