Sunday, February 2, 2014

"The Monuments Men" and "The Mighty 8th"... uh, yes please.

Looks like we have some great film and TV coming our way pretty soon, military history buffs!

First up, "The Monuments Men" a movie from George Clooney that covers a group of soldiers from WWII tasked with recovering the art stolen by the Nazis during the war.  Great cast, and I really trust Clooney to do it up right.

EDIT:  Whoops!  Apparently this clip is NOT from the HBO series, but a clip from a proposal for a show.  Sorry!  Whatever, the info I included is correct, and the clip is still cool, so I'll leave it:)

And how about this... from HBO, Steven Spielberg, and Tom Hanks a NEW WWII series, "The Mighty 8th" which will track a bomber squadron through the war.  It looks VERY stressful, as any show that covers bombers will... I always thought it the story of the bombers was more stressful than many realize.  The network is spending a HALF A BILLION DOLLARS on the series, so I have high hopes for the visuals in particular!

Can't wait... will tide me over until Napoleon finally hits HBO ;)

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Stu Rat said...

Being on a bomber crew was stressful. If you have a 5% casualty rate per mission-25 missions gives you about a 75% chance of being killed.

I believe the only group with a worse survival rate was German U-boat crews.

Heck, being a Kamikaze pilot only had a 50% mortality rate.