Monday, January 6, 2014

Royal Guard TIE Interceptor for X-Wing!

Hi all!

Well... after looking at the upcoming Imperial Aces expansion for "X-Wing" and realizing I probably didn't need to spend thirty or forty bucks on two ships that I already have three of, I thought I would go ahead and make my own Royal Guard Interceptor.

So... here it is!

I did have to add the secondary panels to the wings... they look a little rougher in these photos than they do in real life:)

I'm happy with the way the painting came out... just did a black undercoat and then painted right over!

The paint job is actually pretty sharp; for some reason the photos don't really do it all justice:)

I also printed up a few of the new pilots and pasted them to leftover cards to give them the proper heft and backing... I'll do this for all of the Imperial Aces pilots, as well as the upgrades.

Thanks for coming by and taking a peek!

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