Saturday, May 25, 2013

25mm Battlefield 3 Miniatures - Metro and Seine- finished!

Hey all!

Okay, I FINALLY got a few minutes away from the baby to finish my two Battlefield 3 projects!

Now, I play BF3 pretty religiously... like, at least one night a week is spent rumbling around in a tank or blasted choppers out of the sky with my IGLA.  I have always loved video games, and the UNPARALLELED multiplayer of BF3 sucked me in like no ones business!

One of the things that make BF3 so much fun is two of the guys I play with!  One is a guy I "met" online; we played together, we were both good and could talk, so we buddied up.  Another is a friend I met through a very close friend.  The three of us have been playing BF3 every week for... well, for two years I suppose.  It is a good little video game group.

So, when I saw these BF3 miniatures from Hasslefree Miniatures, I knew I wanted to do up a little gift for each guy!

Here is the first one.  My one buddy is a pretty good sniper, although to be fair, he is good at every class.  He really enjoys Operation Metro, so I did a sniper going through the tunnels on Metro.  I tried to add all sorts of details from the game, including an ammo pack.  Other bits from the game include the warning sign on the edge of the platform, and of course the seats and the sign.  Overall I think it turned out pretty good.  Below is one of the photos I used for reference.

On to the next one!

This is the one for my other buddy, Bill.  He is a HUGE fan of Seine Crossing, and tends to camp out in the building that overlooks A and C objectives on Conquest.  So I made up a rough version of that door (as seen below).  Again, I tried to add a few details from the game, including a med pack and, on the stairs, a claymore.  Unfortunately I did make him an engineer, even though he is usually a machine gunner on this level, but what can you do!

Anyway... so, I'm going to ship them off in the next day or so; I hope they enjoy them!

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Ulu Elsomalien said...

Nice job on these 2. Any news on squadcrawler ? 2 years since the last update :-(