Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Photos from Musee de L'Armee in Paris!

 Hey all!

As you may or may not know, my family is lucky enough to own a little pied a terre in the Seventh in Paris. 

It is a beautiful neighborhood of Paris, with Rue Cler right around the corner and, of course, nestled between the Eiffel Tower and Invalides!  And just a few blocks from the apartment is the Musee de L'Armee, which is chock full of great stuff.

I tasked my father, who went to Paris with my mother for a month vacation, to grab some photos, and grab he did!

So... here you go!  Now, I am afraid I don't know what each photo is a photo OF, so if anyone knows what something is or wants to correct me, please do!:)

Not sure who this fellow is... some sort of Hussar I suppose.

This fellow seems to be maybe 1st Co. or a musician for the Hussar (?) unit above.

Another impressive uniform, another impressive colpack, another guy who I don't recognize!  Man, the French have a LOT of light cavalry!

A very impressive trumpeter... I think from the Chasseur de Cheval of the Imperial Guard.

A closeup of the flag hanging from his trumpet.

A Lancer!  Scary stuff.

A Grenadier, I believe (number 10 of the list on the glass above.)

Grenadier overcoat.

A coat worn, I believe, by Marshal Lannes.

A medical case.  I am sure everyone was relieved when they saw this being pulled out... :)

Not sure what these uniforms are... anyone?

Looks like a Dragoon from the 23rd.

Same guy from the other side.  Note the yellow facings.

Not sure what sort of cavalry this guy is... yet another Hussar of some sort?

Ahhh the heavies.  A cuirassier.  Maybe the 17th, though it is hard to tell.

Same guy, other side.

Another cuirassier, I believe, although the helmet plume confuses me... any experts out there know?

Not sure who this fellow is, but he looks fancy!

A shiny cuirass.

My father, who always keeps a keen eye out for miniatures as well, found this place too!  Here is a larger scale mini of the guillotine, presumably with Robespierre sending someone to their death.

Holy crap.  Talk about overpriced!:D


Ray Rousell said...

Some great photos!! I've been there once and an in dire need for another visit!!!

CPBelt said...

Awesome! My son will probably be going to Paris next summer for his first European vacation with his grandparents. He definitely wants to visit this museum. We didn't know about it until now. Thanks for the great pics!

sebastosfig said...

a pied-a-terre in the seventh! Lucky them. It's bloody expensive down there, though it's very quiet.

The Musee de l'armee is really a good one to visit. It's been a while since I went there. Maybe one day.

Curt said...

Very inspiring stuff. We are in the Dordogne right now and heading to Paris in a few days. Looking forward to my visit to Les Invalides!

BTW I'm quite liking your modern 'Force on Force' setup. Going to have to get some of those laser cut buildings.

Author said...

Hey all!

Glad you enjoyed the photos... and if you can, definitely visit! There is, at the very top floor of the museum (I believe) a huge room FULL of 3d models of different forts and cities... basically the greatest 3mm gaming tables (or so) I've ever seen! Definitely check them out!

Yeah, the seventh is quite nice. Thankfully we found the apartment when it was totally run down and in need of a TON of work, so it was cheap... then, a friendship with a very well known French architect enabled that work to be done rather much on the cheap! So while it sounds rather fancy, its roots aren't:)

And thanks for the positive words on the moderns set up... I have really stalled in work on that project, as I am enjoying playing it... at some point I'll get back to it!