Sunday, May 22, 2011

Oh, I've GOT to buy this miniature!

Hey all!

First off, so sorry for it being so quiet around here... haven't been hit by the muse recently!  I do have a few things to post (the chain for my wolf, a piece about painters thumb) but there hasn't been a lot recently.

HOWEVER!  I HAVE had a wonderful time watching old HBO shows courtesy of their new HBOGo service... and I've FINALLY gotten around to watching Deadwood.  Holy CRAP what a show... just fantastic!

And of course, now I want to paint some miniatures!  Namely... I want to get my hands on one of the Al Swearengen seen in the photo above in the center!  I'd love to pick him up and maybe do a little bar diorama of him in the Gem... what fun!  The figures are from Brigade games, and I did find them!

Here they are for sale!

So... do I go for it?  Ahh decisions decisions!!

(Oh, and picture courtesy of Sgt. Perry's Heroes!)

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