Saturday, January 2, 2010

My entire 15mm ACW Federal Collection

Hey all!

Well, as someone asked for a post or two ago, here is my entire 15mm ACW Federal collection, all on parade at once!

There are a lot of troops in there!

I'll start with a whole table shot or two, and then move from the older collection (from my teen years) to the modern guys!

Oh, and for those who asked... the new camera is a Nikon D40. Seems to be a beauty to me, but what do I know?!

The above left shot is the only one in which you can see all of the troops at once.

Amazing, to me, how old some of these guys are... all of the very blue troops are from the end of elementary school/high school days... they don't really compare to the newer men!

In the above right shot, you can actually see an artillery team given to me as a gift back in high school by a buddy of mine... although I cannot seem to find the commander! He must be in a box and I missed him...

These are the newer troops, and I think the much nicer ones.

And one shot, at real size...

Here you go!


James said...

Very cool ! I count approx. 30 infantry regiments, 3 cav regiments and maybe 5 batteries of artillery ? Two divisions with supports, though they look to be based for brigade level action ? I sorta feel like that guy Jackson had shimmy up a tree to count Federal flags on the other side of the field at Antietam...


Rafael Pardo said...

What a wonderful view!
No my era (I am in napoleonics) but I love your beautiful miniatures and superb terrain!
Thanks for sharing

Coyote said...

Haven't read your whole post yet, but wanted to say I have a d40 and it's a beautiful camera. 6MP are plenty and in the end it's the quality of light that makes the biggest difference once your camera is good enough.

Sergeant Jasper said...

When you started what brand did you start with and what paint type?


Anon said...

Nice pics from a nice new camera, Sir. And is that a charge across the river I see? Heheh..

Oh, and a Happy New Year to all!


Author said...

Howdy all!

Hah! Love that Jackson story:)

I do enjoy the D40... I have what I consider to be good lighting, but I honestly wonder if it is enough! I may some day add a few more, but for now, as long as I have a tripod, it is fine going with no flash.

Back when I started painting, I am not sure WHAT paint I used! I suppose it was old school games workshop paints... did they have those 20 years ago? I guess way back when I used testors, but I think when I did these ACW guys it was GW paints.

It is indeed a charge across the river... just for looks!:)

Carl said...

Hey, what's the deal with Lord Ashram's House of War 2? I saw that on your profile page but there wasn't anything there. Testing design changes or have some new ideas?

Author said...


Nope, just planning ahead, because I saw that I was at 28% capacity with photos...


Tom said...

I've enjoyed your site since I found it last year. Thanks for sharing. What are the dimensions on your table? I've looked at past posts but didn't see it. Thank you,

Tom McKinney

Galpy said...

these pitures are amazing your terrian and minatures are just beatiful, keep up the great work. I'm just new to all this blog stuff just started up my own but looking at this tells me i have a long ways to go

Docsmith said...

You've gotten some great results with that new camera - I love my old Fuji S5000 but I think your D40 would be a very good 'next step' judging by the results of your miniatures pics. Once you get the lighting and focal length right, it really makes them stand out - picking up all the fine detail of your excellent collection.

Well done. The House of War room's lookin' pretty good too!


Author said...

Hey guys!

Sorry I've been gone so long...

Tom, the table is 6.5 x 4... honestly I wish it could be bigger, but it just wouldn't fit:(

Yeah, the camera is fantastic... my old camera was ehhh okay, but man, you can just see SO much detail now, and the colors are really nice. I am super happy with it!:D

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